Monday, January 9, 2017

The three best friends

A couple months back i won a giveaway on instagram for a free photo session with KLJ Photography & you should of seen the happy dance that happened when i found out! I have been wanting family pictures for a while now & the fact that i had won it made blake even cool with it.. DOUBLE WIN! We had them taken at the end of November and it was FREEZING. like 27 degrees. Brons was a champ and Katie was amazing and even got them finished in 20 minutes. I have loved these pictures of us so much already. These days i have been thinking a lot about when we will add another little one to our family. But for now i am really enjoying this time, just the three of us. We really have so much fun together and Bronson has us laughing all day. I have loved all the memories we have made together and will treasure them forever. So here we are.. the three best friends that anyone could ever have!

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Bronson turn's ONE

Well it happened. Our baby turned ONE! I remember when he was only a couple days old and thinking "I cannot picture this tiny thing growing into a one year old, how is that going to happen and are we going to make it a whole year!?" I may have told this to blake a couple times. Like his one year mark would be a big accomplishment and you know what? IT WAS! being a new parent and raising this tiny human that completely depended on me for life seemed so daunting. And i really often times thought "are we going to make it to a year?" and we did it and while i was sad my baby is not so much of a baby anymore i am also PUMPED he is one! We had a fun party with our family where Mickey Mouse was the theme because when Mickey has saved our bacon by keeping him civil through a majority of his infancy, Mickey deserved to be apart of it! It was pretty entertaining to see him dig his fingers into his cake and make a mess but the best of all was seeing his face light up as we all sang happy birthday. Thank you to all our family who came and celebrated with us, he was spoiled and is no doubt loved by all! We love you with all our hearts brons.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

To my tiny best friend

I have been feeling a whirl of emotions as my baby boy is approaching his first birthday. This past year has been so many things. Some wonderful, some hard. As i look back, the wonderful, joyful times out weights the hard, exhausting times by a million! I think that is what makes parenthood so great. Those little smiles, laughs and cuddles make all the hard times SO worth it. And getting to see them grow and learn is priceless. The first roll, crawl, walk and word have made me so happy!

There is so many things i don't want to forget about this past year. I never want to forget seeing his big smile as he walks toward me and gives me a big hug. The first time he said mama and getting to hear him babble that word throughout the day or say it when he really wants me. I feel honored to be the one he wants. to comfort and to love him. I truly feel like i need him just as much as he needs me. When i am having a bad day, he is there to give me the love I'm needing. I never want to forget his face when he discovers something knew he loves like swimming or ice cream. I never want to forget his big belly laugh that makes him fall over from laughing so hard. I love you so so much little boy and feel so lucky to have you by my side always.

Monday, November 14, 2016

First Halloween

Its true what they say.. having kids makes everything more fun, especially holidays! We had a good time dressing up as a family for our parties over the weekend. Brons was a baby dino that had just hatched from his shell. He was discovered by the awestruck paleontologist's Dr. Allen Grant & Ellie Sattler ;). I have a deep love for Jurassic Park and these costumes were so hilarious and fun! I had to restrain myself from saying "clever girl" and "hold on to your butts!" whenever in costume haha! I also have to take a minute to address those pants of ours or as my brother calls them.."quadropleats" haha! blake was worried everyone would think those were his real work pants haha.  and mine were humungo! lots of good laughs over those babies. Watching bronson waddle in his costume was so cute it was hard not to take a million videos. And can we all praise my family's trophy costume.. SO GOOD!

So many great costumes!^^ 

Hai keeg and rems costume was soooo good! Zootopia anyone^^

If you know coley then your aware of how SHE IS Dr. pimple popper 

Old granny justin was the winner of the costume contest! saggy boobs, fart machine and all!

10 months with a new trick

10 months going on 10 years, why does he look like a mini teenager in these pictures?? bronson is becoming so hilarious and he knows it. Just recently he has started laughing his head off after he lets out a big fart. haha blake and i DIE. He also eats up any attention he can get with some good fake laughs to get the crowd going. things have gotten a little more crazy around here when he started WALKING! it was the most exciting thing to see him walk for the first time across my parents living room. with his fists clenched and little wobbly legs it really was the cutest thing I've seen. and now that is all he does! He is rarely seen sitting, he is ALWAYS walking. My dad was joking the other day that we need to get him a tiny fit bit to see how much he walks in a day haha! He also started sleeping through the night too and i feel like a new women! He is a little jabber mouth. His vocabulary consists mainly of "mama", "baba" "caaa" (seriously sounds like a legit bird call) and of course his little scream. 

Idahome & Pumpkins

As a quick update, we have moved back to IDAHO! We are so happy to be back in our beloved Idaho Falls where the winters can kill but the family time and small town traditions are the best. Blake was offered a job in September that was really such a answer to our prayers. We will miss Utah, our family, friends & having the mountains in our backyard but we are so excited for this new chapter in our lives! The past couple months have been packed with family hangs and getting settled into our new home.

We took brons to the pumpkin patch (even though the house we are living in came stocked with a garden of perfect pumpkins in the backyard-- SCORE).