Monday, January 9, 2017

The three best friends

A couple months back i won a giveaway on instagram for a free photo session with KLJ Photography & you should of seen the happy dance that happened when i found out! I have been wanting family pictures for a while now & the fact that i had won it made blake even cool with it.. DOUBLE WIN! We had them taken at the end of November and it was FREEZING. like 27 degrees. Brons was a champ and Katie was amazing and even got them finished in 20 minutes. I have loved these pictures of us so much already. These days i have been thinking a lot about when we will add another little one to our family. But for now i am really enjoying this time, just the three of us. We really have so much fun together and Bronson has us laughing all day. I have loved all the memories we have made together and will treasure them forever. So here we are.. the three best friends that anyone could ever have!

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